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9 Misconceptions of Long-Term Care Nursing

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9 Misconceptions of Long-Term Care Nursing

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There are many caregiver misconceptions surrounding Long Term Care. Since there are some amazing career opportunities in Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Memory Care, we want to educate you on what you might be missing.

Let’s debunk some myths:

Long Term Care is slow-paced and easy

  • Long Term Care has its own unique challenges or demands just like any other field of nursing. In reality, the role requires a good deal of case management where nurses act as liaisons between specialists such as dietitians, therapists, doctors, the family, etc. along with many opportunities to perform bedside care. Overall, working with a comprehensive care team to improve patients can be extremely stimulating and rewarding. The pace can also be dependent on the company’s staffing levels regardless of what field of nursing you are in. So, make sure you inquire about a company’s commitment to staffing levels to ensure you will have the support you need to provide high quality care.

Long Term Care is a lesser form of nursing

  • This is just not true. In fact, staff are often highly trained in several specializations. Caregivers at Kingston are well trained in infection control, antibiotic therapy via IV, G-tube feeding, catheters, patient-controlled analgesia pumps, oxygen therapy, subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, suctioning, wound care and stroke certifications.

Long Term Care nursing doesn’t pay well

  • As with any nursing field, pay can be dependent on experience, education, location and the company’s desire to have the best caregivers. RN and LPN salaries are both very competitive in this field. According to the BLS, LPN salaries are higher than the national average in these settings. You can absolutely find above average nursing salaries at certain companies in this field. Do your own research and find out for yourself. Visit or talk to a Kingston representative.

My skills will diminish in Long Term Care nursing

  • While there are many misconceptions in the field, this one may be the most glaring among nurses. Clinical rotations in long term care often give students a bad first impression as they only get exposed to basic skill utilization’s leaving them with a distorted view. In reality, increasingly higher acuity patients with complex cases requires outstanding assessment skills. Those needs constantly test nursing skills and demand best practice knowledge. Nurses in LTC also develop excellent communication and interpersonal skills while working with a comprehensive care team.

I can’t make an impact in Long Term Care

  • In fact, there are abundant opportunities for nurses to be a part of the leadership teams in long term care organizations. Because of the long-term nature of the field, your impact on clinical outcomes can be significant. Depending on the company that you work for there are many opportunities for career growth and advancement.

Long Term Care is depressing

  • Also, not true. Patients and residents often improve in long term care settings. The improvements can be significant for patients in skilled nursing, assisted living and memory care environments. In LTC, nurses can witness patients progress past what a short-term bedside care environment would allow. Many facilities also have fun atmospheres that include extensive social and wellness activities that coincide with any nursing or therapy treatments.

I won’t be doing any bedside care

  • There are, in fact, many opportunities to provide hands-on care for residents. While there may be administrative work for RNs in LTC, you continue to have bedside nursing action and impact. Long term care is a more intimate type of nursing where you care for residents and see significant results over a long period of time.

Long Term Care nursing is thankless

  • By nature, long term care settings involve a more intimate relationship with patients, residents and their loved ones. This relationship can be both rewarding and impactful as you have the opportunity to watch patients progress and develop meaningful relationships. In addition, working as an integral part of a comprehensive care team of therapists, doctors, dietitians, nurse practitioners, etc. is both stimulating and rewarding on its own.

The facilities are dumpy, old and not where you want to work

  • Movies and the media often portray a less than stellar example of long-term care environments. While it may be rare to see these settings portrayed positively, times have changed. Many of these facilities are state-of-the-art operations. While patients and residents have increasingly required higher standards and regulations, the inadequacies of the LTC past have disappeared. Higher acuity patients require an expert skill set and improved technology has turned some facilities into beautiful combinations of comfort and clinical functionality. Furthermore, the culture within these environments may delightfully surprise you.

While the misconceptions may still exist in society, it is important to understand the amazing benefits of long-term care. In addition to the benefits discussed above, many of the talented caregivers in skilled nursing, assisted living, memory care facilities or nursing homes experience rapid career growth, stability, and rewarding relationships. Kingston Healthcare welcomes you to contact our careers representatives with any additional questions you may have by emailing [email protected]. Also, be sure to search for open positions in your area by visiting

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